How to register in the system?

In order to use a bicycle, you have to fill out the online registration form, accept the rules, and top up your newly created account with the initial fee (20 PLN). As soon as the payment is registered, you may rent a bicycle.

How to rent a bicycle?

New-type stations:

Approach the terminal, identify yourself at the terminal (with your mobile phone number, a PIN number or with a registered proximity card). Press the “Rent” button and follow the on-screen instructions. The electrolock will automatically release the bicycle. If the bicycle is secured by the cable, identify yourself at the terminal, press the “Rent” button and follow the instructions, or call the helpline. Unlock the code lock with the 6-digit combination displayed on the screen. The combination must be set (depending on the type of the clamp) from left to right at the level of the clamp’s convex line or between the two white dots.

Old-type stations:

Approach the terminal and identify yourself at the terminal (with your mobile phone number, a PIN number or with a registered proximity card). The menu will display 3 options: 1. Rent a bicycle; 2. Check the balance; 3. Card registration – RFID. Next, it will say: “Choose the lock number”, and display the numbers of available bicycles. Enter the appropriate number. After confirmation, the code to the clamp will be displayed. Approach the chosen bicycle after you chose the stand, press the button on it and pull the bicycle out of the lock – the signal will confirm the rental.

How to return a bicycle?

Just set the bicycle in the electrolock. In order to make sure the return has been successfully completed, you need to verify it on your user account.

What to do when there are no free stands?

If it’s impossible to return the bicycle at the docking station, attach it with the code cable to the chosen stand (new-type stations), to the horizontal part of the frame with the electrolocks (old-type stations), or to another bicycle. To complete the process, identify yourself at the terminal, press the “Return” button and follow the on-screen instructions (new-type stations) or call the helpline (both station types).

How do I know that the return was successfully completed?

To make sure that the bicycle was properly returned, log in to your user account via the website or the mobile app. It can also be verified at the terminal or by calling the helpline.

How many bikes may I rent at the same time?

The number of bicycles to be rented at the same time depends on the chosen tariff. The standard user account enables to rent max. 2 bicycles at the same time, while the Szczecin Family Card registered in the Bike_S System enables to rent 4. The system counts the rental time for each bicycle separately, so that they all don’t have to be returned at the same time.

What should I do when I encounter a problem while renting or returning a bike at the terminal?

In case of problems with performing any operations at the new-type terminal, please contact with the CC of the city bicycle system. It will help to quickly and efficiently perform the selected operation.

WHow to turn on the bicycle’s lamp?

The lamps of Bike_S bicycles are powered by a magnet located on the spokes of the wheel which generates electricity. Just start to ride and the lamp will light your way.

May I use the Nextbike system while being registered in the Bike_S System?

The Bike_S System is compatible with systems operated by the Nexbike Polska, which means that registration in one of them gives you access to the other bicycle systems without additional formalities and according to the current price list.

How to identify oneself with a proximity card instead of a phone and PIN number?

To simplify the process of renting bicycles, it may be performed with the use of any device which enables contactless identification. Enter your phone and PIN number at the first rental, then place the card near to the reader. During the subsequent rental you may identify yourself only with the card. To log in only by using the card, without entering the PIN number, you have to deselect the option “Ask me for PIN number during every rental and return” in the tab “Password” on your user account.

How long should I wait to rent another bike at the same station, where I’ve just returned the previous one?

You may rent a different bicycle right away. If you want to rent the same one, wait 3 minutes.

May I take a break and leave the bike for a few minutes?

Certainly, but be careful – don’t leave the bicycle in isolated or dangerous places. Attach it with the code cable to solid elements for safety. Moreover, other people won’t be able to rent such a bike via the mobile app or the QR code, because it’s listed as rented in the system.

How much does it cost?

The price list of the Bike_S SRM System is available here. The initial fee is 20 PLN. To keep your account active and rent bicycles, the balance should be kept at the minimum crediting amount of 10 PLN.

How to top up my account?

Log in to your profile at www.bikes-srm.pl, enter the “Payment methods” tab and make a quick transfer by choosing a suitable sum. NOTE: The transfer title is dedicated to a specific payment, and it is very important for its identification.

How to top up my account with a credit card?

If the option of payment with a credit card was chosen during registration, fee for every ride will be charged automatically. You can connect the card with your user account by contacting the CC or via the mobile app at any time.

I’ve made the payment, but my account is inactive – why?

The transfer has probably not been recorded on the account yet. Recording sessions of transfers depend on the bank in which the user opened an account.

May I change the payment method? How can I do that?

To change the chosen method of payment, please contact the Call Center.

I’ve made the payment and rented a bike once, but my account is inactive again – why?

Probably the crediting amount on your account is less than 10 PLN (the minimum amount which enables you to use the bikes). To solve the problem, you should top up your account with a sum higher than 10 PLN.

What should I do when the system has charged an inadequate fee?

Please, don’t get upset. If the amount of money counted by the system is inadequate, make a complaint by sending a message via the contact form at www.bikes-srm.pl. We’ve got 14 business days to consider it, but we’ll try to respond as soon as possible. If verification confirms the error of the system, we’ll return to you the whole inadequately counted sum.

I’ve noticed an error at the station. What can I do?

We’ll be grateful for the information (that consists of the number of station, bike, or electrolock number). Please, call the CC or send a message to the Bike_S SRM Facebook fanpage, or via the contact form at www.bikes-srm.pl. The Repair Service will check and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Can I attach a child restraint system to the bike?

The Bike_S bicycles are not adjusted neither to child restraint systems nor to carrying other passengers.

What should I do if the rented bike was stolen?

In case of theft, the user is obliged to contact the CC and report it at the nearest police station.

I can’t rent a bike. After entering the phone and PIN number, I’m asked to enter my credit card number as if I were registering again. What should I do?

Normally, the request to enter your credit card number shouldn’t show up during the identification. Such situation may occur if the user enters a wrong phone number. You should call the CC, where the consultant will try to identify and solve the problem.

There are no bikes at the station – why?

The Bike_S relocation teams move bicycles 7 days in a week to regularly fill the gaps at the stations. However, we cannot guarantee that there will always be an available bike at every station, especially in rush hours. Nonetheless, the Bike_S employees will do their best to avoid this situation.

Will any other new stations be created?

We may declare, on our side, that as the system operator we will make every effort to expand the system and add sponsored launched in cooperation with local entrepreneurs. Similar solutions function in all the cities where systems serviced by Nextbike Polska are in place.

Is the use of internet service, especially while logging in and making payments safe?

Log in and registration pages as well as ” Your account” are SSL-encrypted which may be seen through the link upon entry to each of these pages. Pages which launch API Nextbike application are in addition encrypted but they work based on iframe, thus, it is not visible within their address. On top of that encrypting was switched on and encrypted for the entire service. We therefore guarantee that the use of website is 100% safe at every stage.

Will my account used so far be active?

Of course all user accounts were transferred to the new system.

What happened to the credits I had on my account?

The funds available on the account were also transferred.

How to top up my account if I do not own a credit card?
All Bike_S users can top up the account by visiting the SPP checkout at Wydział Parkowania i Roweru Miejskiego,
105 Wojska Polskiego street, 70-483 Szczecin. Open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00.

How to obtain a SKA card?

The procedure of obtaining SKA card is explained on the following website.

If I have a Multisport card am I allowed to participate in the promotion associated with it also in the BIKE_S system?

Currently this is not possible, the system Bike_S is not covered by the MultiSport promotion. All changes will be announced via the website and profiles on social media.

How to proceed if my previous account has not been transferred to the new system of city bikes?

In such case please contact us throught the contact form on the www.bikes-srm.pl website.

For how long can I rent bike ?
The Client is obliged to return the bike no later than within 12 hours from its rental. Exceeding the 12 hour duration of a single rental causes charging additional fees and penalties in accordance with the Tables of charges and penalties.

I’m underage but would like to use Bike_S system bikes, what to do ?
Persons above 13 years of age who have not attained the age of 18 (further referred to as minors) must, prior to conclusion of Agreement, submit to the Operator a written consent of one of the parents or legal guardians for the conclusion of the Agreement, as well as a statement on assuming responsibility by the parents or legal guardians on account of any potential damages, caused in particular as a result of non-performance or improper performance of the Agreement and on account of any ongoing liabilities defined in Tables of charges and penalties, as well as costs related to repair and restoring of a bike in Bike_S System. Within the statement, the parents or legal guardians must undertake to top up the account of the minor within Bike_S System, in such manner so that it is active at the time of rental (VII, section 1). In order to fulfil the written form of legal action, the Guardian is obliged to put a personal handwritten signature on the consent. The consent must be sent to the email address: bikes@bikes-srm.pl, via post or submitted personally in the Department of Parking and City Bike (pl. Wydziale Parkowania i Roweru Miejskiego).

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