About Bike_S- How it works

How to use Bike_S?
Register at www.bikes-srm.pl, , accept the terms of service terms of service and transfer 20 PLN to the Lessee Personal Account.

After registration you will receive the login and PIN number via e-mail and SMS.
Now you can log in at www.bikes-srm.pl to top up your account, update required data or to view the history of your rents.
Your Lessee Personal Account is active (thus you may rent bikes) if it’s balance is kept at the minimum crediting amount of 10 PLN.

How to rent and return the Bike_S bicycle?
1. Approach the terminal at the chosen Bike_S station, launch it and follow the on-screen instructions.
 Move the chosen bicycle out of the electrolock in order to start the rent and to begin your journey.

Returning the bike is even easier!
1. Approach the selected Bike_S station and place the bicycle in the electrolock.
2. Try pulling the bicycle back – if it doesn’t  move, it means the bicycle was returned properly.
3. Make sure the bicycle was returned properly by logging into your account.
Note: the locks work when the bicycle and the pin are properly leveled in relation to the lock hole.  Not all stations are set on a leveled surface. If the lock doesn’t hold or doesn’t let go, grab the saddle and pick up the bicycle in order to level it properly.

If you encounter any problems, contact our helpline:
Telephone: 91 50 65 200 /The Call Center helpline is open 24/7 every day./
e-mail: bikes@bikes-srm.pl
Be eco, change your car to Bike_S
Bike_S is an automatic rental of bicycles which consists of 82 stations and 702 bicycles. Stations are spaced every few hundred meters in the downtown of Szczecin, as well as on the entire left-bank side and on the right-bank side.  The Bike_S bicycles make it easy to get to any area of Szczecin at any time. Bike_S is the new ecological supplementation of public transport. It works 24/7 during spring, summer, and autumn.

The first 20 minutes of rent are free. The counter starts to work after 20 minutes. If your ride takes an hour – you pay 1 PLN, if 2 hours – 3 PLN, 3 hours – 5 PLN. Note – every subsequent hour costs 7 PLN. The maximum time of rental is 12 hours. The fee for exceeding the 12-hour rental period is 200 PLN.

Registration Help
For help in registration or to top up the account in the Bike_S system, visit the SPP checkout.
Wydziału Parkowania i Roweru Miejskiego (kasa SPP)
ul. Wojska Polskiego 105, 70-483 Szczecin
Open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00.

Payment methods
Users may top up their Bike_S accounts via:
– online payment systems;
– direct transfer to the System Operator’s (i.e. Nieruchomości i Opłaty Lokalne Sp. z o.o.) bank account no 80 1020 4795 0000 9702 0302 6473
– cash at the System Operator’s checkout; SPP checkout – ul. Wojska Polskiego 105, open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00.

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